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Online Live from

8th of November 2017 21:00 GMT+2

Come and fight vs top clans from the server!

Check whats happening on the server right now!

Live from 08.11.2017

Rates & Features

skill points:50x

free class transfer, GM shop up to S grade, ALT+B buffer

expecting over 9000 Players Online - Massive PvP

heroes every Saturday

sieges/territory wars every weekend

epics every week, window spawn time announced

auto events every one hour

sieges and TWs every weekend to promote more pvp and more fun!

protection system - S-Guard help preventing cheater, botter and abusive players plus we have .report command ingame

24 buff slots (+4 divine inspiration) and 12 dance and songs slots

olympiad max enchant +6

Unique features

No Corruption Statue - There is a statue in Town of giran with View Player Inventory in real time. Epics Control - In community board there is a page where you can find what player own epics. ( Valakas / Antharas / B. Zaken / Queen Ant / Ring of Beleth ) Real Unique Events = also NEW Events. Lucky Farm Hours Engine - Crazy Farm Rewards. - Every Saturday from 20:00 - 22:00 Server Time ( /time in game ) Unique and New Dress Me that you never seen before ! Castle Fight ( Every Tuesday there will be a castle where all will fight for it ) Auto reward for it - Donation Pounds + CRP Clans setup - If you have more than 30 online in your clan clans AUTO start war with all clans Clan Auto Level UP - Consult NPC in Town of Giran.

- Each closed war will punish your with - 5000 Clan Reputation Points - Fortress Attack - Win 500 Clan Reputation Poins for each Fortress won - New zones in LoA with big drop rate - epic zones are dedicated for Party Fight. - New Services in community board - Weekly Top 5 PvP Rewards - 200 Donation Pounds.

We are already looking forward to see you in game, adventurer!